The Performers

DarkC3ll – Australia’s Premiere Heavy Metal Band

DARKC3LL are one of Australia’s fastest rising acts, and have been tagged as a ‘modern day KISS’. Packing stadium level hooks and loud abrasive industrial grooves, they have built a reputation for ‘making hate sound fun’.

Visually and musically, DARKC3LL have proven themselves as a world class outfit and with a fourth album on the way this four piece shows no signs of slowing down.

While Fearaphobia will be the scariest thing you will do this year with the best haunts you will find anywhere in Australia, we wanted to add a little Halloween atmosphere to make it a real SCREAM PARK experience.

We have assembled some exceptional acts to keep you entertained and terrified at Fearaphoia this Halloween!

So here’s our Nightly Entertainment Schedule and some of the performers who will amaze and terrify you at Fearaphobia:

Nightly Performance Schedule*

7.30 PM
Roving Entertainment…Continuous Horror Movies (after dark) …Fire Performers…until Close!

7.45 PM

8 PM

8.30 PM

8.45 PM

9 PM

*Schedule is provisional and subject to change

Warren Brophy’s Wheel of Death

The Wheel of Steel is a thrilling performance Warren skips and executes acrobatics whilst running in a rotating steel pendulum that reaches a height of 11 metres. This high adrenaline act is performed without the aid of safety nets or wires, making it a truly on the edge of your seat experience.

Fire Dance

Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without a fire dance.  Our Firedancers promise a spectacular performance to thrill and excite you and will be guaranteed to get you into the Halloween Spirits – before they get into you!!!!!

Freddy Krueger

Your Nightmares will definitely come true as Freddy Krueger will be paying a visit to Fearaphobia to haunt your dreams for weeks to comet.